We're offering a full range of services from web application development to team outsourcing.

Web Application development

We develop web applications adjusted to your business needs. We build backend and frontend solutions that efficiently solve problems for you and your clients in a user friendly manner. Solutions that we provide are robust, resilient and scalable.

  • Trading platforms
  • Payments

API integrations

We build an API for your system to enable it to be used as programmatic service provider or we integrate your system with third party service providers via REST, WebSocket or FIX protocols.

  • REST
  • WebSocket
  • FIX

Fintech solutions

We provide you with building blocks as well as a complete solutions in the fintech category that address your individual needs

  • custom algorithmic trading bots
  • market making solutions
  • market data servers
  • order entry servers
  • trading view integrations
  • exchange integrations

Team outsourcing
Our team works with your software development teams hand in hand to ...

  • Deliver your product faster
  • with higher quality and more features
  • with experience of our engineers

FINTECH experience


Market Making and High Frequency Trading solutions


We are the team behind BitSpreader.com


Integrations with exchanges: REST, WebSocket and FIX.


We implement your custom trading strategy


Integrate TradingView chart into your application


Collect, aggregate, manage and display financial data


Live feed of prices and order books to your application


We have experience dealing with large data sets


We are the team of experienced senior developers and architects with passion to create robust, highly scalable and resilient systems on both backend and frontend with experience in delivering web applications in area of fintech, banking and travel industry. Our systems are built with care and attention to detail also in the non-functional aspects of applications maintenance: we build continuous delivery pipelines, log & real time system monitoring and performance dashboards.

Marcin Rabiej
CEO, Software Engineer

Software developer, architect and manager with experience in fin-tech industry. Enthusiast of high frequency algorithmic trading, arbitrage and market making.

Szymon Mezglewski
CTO, Software Engineer, Architect

Software developer and architect with experience in fintech banks and online trading brokers Enthusiast of algorithmic trading & author of algo-trading bots

Piotr Donica
Software Engineer, Project Manager

Software engineer, passionate about people, technology and business with over 20 years of experience in IT. Trader with skill for automation.


We are the team behind BitSpreader - futures spread trading platform. We also provide a suite of trading platform components that can be deployed as independent highly customizable elements of the majority of the trading systems.


We are the team behind BitSpreader.com - futures spread trading platform


    HFT approach based on market making

  • Full suite of tools for spread traders

    Charts, position and exposure management, reporting and much more

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REST, Websocket, FIX integrations with multiple exchanges, processing large amount of market data every millisecond


Advanced live charts for all cross-exchange and intra-exchange calendar spreads, with integrated real-time updated view on spread orders and outright orders


BitSpreader provides users with live stream of order books from outright markets as well as the implied spread order books


manual & automated orders, auto-spreading - HFT method based on market making - catching short lasting spreads with use of frequently updated limit orders

MiDaS - Market Data Server

MiDaS is high performance Market Data Service responsible for processing large amount of market data: order books and tickers incoming via WebSocket and FIX interfaces. Subscription based consumers can request MiDaS to produce raw price/orderbook streams in unified, standard format as well as custom-built implied order books for spread trading and custom indicators. All the historical data is available for queries and reporting via REST interface.

MiDaS features

  • WebSocket & FIX exchange integrations
  • processes incoming market data and exposes it in normalized format
  • produces stream of prices in OHLC format with different frequencies
  • produces stream of custom indicators
  • produces stream of implied order books composed from other order books (i.e. spreads)
  • exposes historical data for queries

OrbitES - Order Entry Server

OrbitES provides generic order entry capabilities to multiple exchanges and trading platforms. It uses set of prebuilt adapters based on REST, WebSocket and FIX interfaces. . The solution can handle large number of orders and executions at peak time, allowing for vertical and horizontal scaling. It routes the messages to multiple backend systems in unified standard format. OrbitES supports order and trade reconciliation.

OrbitES features

  • WebSocket & FIX & REST exchange integrations
  • accepts order requests to all exchanges in standardised format
  • tracks the state of your orders providing real-time execution reports
  • provides the record of historical trades for querying in normalized format

AToS - Algorithmic Trading Server

AToS is Algorithmic Trading Service designed to execute custom-built trading strategies based on market data and custom indicators. AToS executes provided strategy based on the signals incoming from MiDaS and OrbitES. AToS is also capable to incorporate inventory based indicators into strategy execution. Rosomack module is used to manage and record positions and exposure. AToS Backtester can execute the strategy based on the historical recorded data to validate the strategy. It is suited for High Frequency Trading strategies such as market making or spread trading.

AToS features

  • executes provided user strategy
  • reacts on signals: market data, custom market data indicators, execution reports, user position and exposure indicators
  • provides decision logs for querying
  • tracks your positions
  • tracks your exposure (for market neutral strategies)
  • provides position data for querying in normalized format

RiDer - Realtime Data Streamer

RiDer is based on the Lightstreamer - blazing fast streaming solution. It provides millions of data updates to individual subscribers on the frontends, its secure reliable and scalable. Manages security on individual client sessions. RiDer is able to optimize client subscriptions - in case number of clients request the same stream, RiDer replicates the stream for each client with only single subscription to the source

RiDer features

  • streams real-time data updates to distributed clients
  • manages users sessions
  • assures session security
  • optimizes bandwidth usage
  • reduces the load of source system

Exchange Integrations

We build enterprise grade exchange integrations with use of REST, WebSocket and FIX.


  • Binance - REST, WebSocket
  • Binance Futures- REST, WebSocket
  • Deribit - REST, WebSocket, FIX
  • BitMEX - REST, WebSocket
  • ByBit Futures - REST, WebSocket
  • KuCoin Futures- REST, WebSocket
  • Coinbase Pro - REST, WebSocket, FIX
  • Huobi Futures- REST, WebSocket